Climate Denier Arguments #1: Correlation Between CO2 and Climate


This is the first of my series of short essays on common climate denier claims, so let’s get into it.¬†A claim often given by climate skeptics is that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has no correlation with Earth’s temperature; and therefore increases in Earth’s CO2 level that we’ve seen today are nothing to worry about. The graph often cited by these skeptics is shown below in Figure 1. Continue reading


An Overview of Climate Change

Article by Ben Bollinger

In this article, I am going to be scratching the surface of modern climatology and atmospheric science; that being  climate change. It has come to my attention that people on the right end of the political spectrum have consistently been denying the existence of climate change for a multitude of reasons, each one I will be trying to hit on within this essay. So, let us begin. Continue reading