Paul Cockshott’s Collected Economic and Political Works

See the full list Leadership Democracy and Transitions.  Verbatim transcript of a talk given at the Workers Educational Association in Stockholm in Nov 2010, covering the ideas of direct democracy in the early Social Democratic movement and how these were lost during the 20th century and the catastrophic effect this had in countries like Russia. … Continue reading Paul Cockshott’s Collected Economic and Political Works

‘We want what we had’

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July 20th, 2015

The Taylor Report

Stephen Gowans reviews Kristen Ghodsee’s book, “The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe.” Ghodsee interviewed Eastern Europeans about socialism and their situation two decades after dissolution of the Soviet Union, including activists at an Occupy-styled protest in Bulgaria.

From these activists, we learn that many people want free education (like they had in the Soviet Union), and free child care (like they had in the Soviet Union), but they reject the term ‘communism’ and the Soviet Legacy. “We don’t want communism” it has been said, “we just want to have a normal life.”

But lack of all these nice things is ‘normal life’ under capitalism. There is little understanding of the difficulties in providing social wealth in former-fascist, war-torn countries like Bulgaria.

This attempt to grapple with the disappearing welfare state and Soviet legacy…

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Reply to an AnCap (Hoodie Demon)

Our publisher first tries to invoke the definition of capitalism as an argument for why government activity cannot be associated with it. However this ignores what capitalism is. Take socialism for example, socialism is technically defined as worker ownership of the means of production, however the workers simply owning the means of production does not … Continue reading Reply to an AnCap (Hoodie Demon)