Labor Market Institutions and the Minimum Wage By Ben Bollinger

Article I wrote

Berning Media Network

Hello all! I’m Ben (@lefteconomics) the new economic analyst at Berning Media Network and I wanted my first post to be regarding two main topics which I believe are somewhat small, but have very large implications on a macroeconomic scale, and those are: the minimum wage and in general labor market restrictions.

Now, starting with the minimum wage, it is a very controversial topic in both political and economic spheres given how radically different, people think about the topic. However, the second you step out of academic circles and start asking ordinary people what their thoughts are, it becomes clear that the minimum wage is a very popular idea:


Source: (Edwards-Levy, 2016)

So if the majority of Americans not only support a minimum wage, but also a significant number of them support an increase in the minimum wage as well, why is nothing being done about this? Why…

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