Answering Your Questions (1k Q&A)

This post is answering the most relevant questions left in the comment section of this video, my apologies if I didn’t get to your’s, feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have a dire question you want answered. Anyways, let’s just into the questions!

Q: What was the main reason you left the contradictory ideology of Anarco-capitalism? –EZLN

A: The main reason I left Austrian Economics was from reading economics books by authors who did not adhere to the school. Specifically the works of Paul Cockshott, Allin Cottrell, as well as Marx. I really left anarcho-capitalism when I realized its self contradictory nature, and the correctness of left-libertarians in asserting there was no justification for the capitalist, just as there was no justification for the state in the ancap view

Q: What’s the best Star Trek? –Endymion

A: I have never watched any of the Star Trek movies nor have I seen the T.V. show

Q: Do you believe the Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan were justified? –Abu Meme al-Benis Zucc

A: Czechoslovakia – yes. Afghanistan – not really, but it was better than terrorists taking hold.

Q: How do we stop Revisionism from taking hold? –Red Chilean

A: Making sure the socialist economy runs efficiently and effectively so there is no demand for a revisionist to come to power. A good way we can do this is by following the principles of economic planning I laid out in my video “The Economics of Socialism.” There are other things as well, such as educating people on anti-revisionism, but at the end of the day maintaining living standards and a vibrant economy are of most importance.

Q: Thoughts on third worldism? Also where do you think the next successful communist revolution will take place? –Jaimson

A: I would agree with TheFinnishBolshevik on this when he said that if you’re a Marxist, then most of the conclusions of third worldism just come naturally (such as revolutionary potential in the third world vs first world, first worlders benefiting from the exploitation of third world nations, etc.) however I do not hold that revolution is impossible in the first world, just very unlikely. I believe the next revolution that can actually threaten global capitalism will probably occur somewhere in the Middle East. Hopefully in Syria.

Q: Do you think the USSR was too democratic or too authoritarian? And what do you think would be some effective tactics for organizing the workers in today’s society? –GOMMUNISM Strikes Again!

A: I believe the USSR was too anti-democratic which in large part lead to revisionism, and in the future I would hope there to be more democracy in a socialist society (see Ch 13. “Towards a New Socialism“). Of course the USSR had no choice in doing this, given their conditions, with even Stalin attempting to democratically reform the country; however in the modern world I don’t believe the conditions for such a lack of democracy still exist.

Q: Thoughts on Egoism? –Uncle Ray

A: Idealist nonsense that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Q: 1)what is your thoughts on feminism & the anti-idpol crew. 2)thoughts on Burno Baur & Hegel. 3) your opinion on Libertarian Marxism (if it helps, De Leonism, Luxembergism & Left Communism) –Bigtasty Ben

A: 1) I consider myself a proletarian feminist and think the “anti-idpol crew” are just a bunch of ex-liberals getting off the anti-SJW bandwagon from their new atheism phases. 2) I believe both their philosophies to be incorrect and idealist. 3) DeLeonism – died with the 19th and 20th century labor movements Luxembourgism – incorrect on its criticisms of Leninism, but overall not too bad. Left communism – objectively wrong on everything and a bunch of utopian dogmatists.

Q: How open to your friends and family are you about your political views? –Human Nature Got Me Like

A: Very open to my friends, but I avoid all discussion of politics with my family

Q: what do you think of rosa luxemburg? –Amer g. Otok

A: Pretty cool. I haven’t researched her as a person too much, but I do respect her as a great revolutionary.

Q: 1.What do you think of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan? 2.What do you think the left should do to expand on youtube? 3.Thoughts on SJWs? 4.thoughts on Robespierre and Jacobinism in general? Felicitation for the 1000 subscribers and thanks for having so much sources, that really helpfull in debates. –Nyx TheModerateRadical

A: 1. I feel the DRA was probably the best period of time in Afghanistan’s recent history, though short lived, they made much progress in establishing a secular state. 2. I think the left needs to make entertaining videos that are about solutions to current problems and not theory that seems abstract to most people (i.e. the opposite of my channel) 3. “SJWs” is just a buzzword used by reactionaries to undermine the opinions of anyone who dares point out that society isn’t this colorblind, genderblind, utopia. So in short, I support them. 4. Robespierre did nothing wrong. The French Revolution and its ideas were bourgeois, but much better than feudalism. And thanks! That’s actually the reason behind including so many sources.

Q: Thoughts on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism? –Alex M’n

A: I do consider myself a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the sense of accepting the next level of theory provided by Mao’s contributions. However I always hold true to Marxian materialist analysis before all else.

Q: Opinion on National Socialism and Pol Pot? –Comrade Hecko

A: NatSoc is a terribly incorrect and idealist ideology which has caused the deaths of millions, and Pol Pot was a reactionary (non-socialist) opportunist who deserved to be crushed by the Vietnamese communists.

Q: 1. Biggest problems for economic planning & worker control and how to solve them? 2. How to spread our ideology in the modern era? –TheFinnishBolshevik

A: The biggest problem is obviously making sure that worker control isn’t undermined by central planners and bureaucracy. However, this problem can be avoided simply by federalist efficiency standards (individual enterprise management while following a macro plan) as well as checks and balances and direct democracy under a proletarian dictatorship.

Q: congrats on 1k! well deserved. who is your favourite theorist and/or political figure & why? –Mexie

A: Thanks! My favorite theorist would have to be Paul Cockshott. Especially his work on democracy and economic planning. And my favorite political figure would probably be Erich Honecker for his anti-revisionist struggle and great leadership in the DDR. (See: Murphy’s “The Triumph of Evil“).

Q: QnA: Are you in any Communist parties? And if you aren’t which organisation or party do you support then? QnA: What is your opinion on Cuba, Vietnam and Laos? QnA: Do you think with enough effort the Communist parties in Europa can initiate a revolution? –Marxist Peasant

A: 1.) I am not currently in any parties, but plan on joining the KPD if I end up going to university in Germany, and if not, then the PSL. Both of which I support the most. 2.) My opinion on Cuba is that they are a very prosperous democratic country given their conditions, however both Vietnam and Laos are revisionist capitalist countries in my opinion. Although I haven’t researched them too much. 3.) And I do believe that anything is possible given enough class consciousness, however I see it as very unlikely in the near future unless there is another major crisis. (For the possibilities of this, see Michael Robert’s Blog).

Q: What are your thoughts on The Frankfurt School, more specifically Herbert Marcuse, Adorno and Horkheimer? –The Independent Workman

A: I haven’t looked into them much as philosophy isn’t my main interest, and so I don’t feel like I am in a position to give an opinion on any of these people given my lack of knowledge on their work.

Q: What’s your… Favorite fiction writer or fictional book? Favorite video game? Favorite non-communist/non-far-leftist historical figure? Favorite color? Favorite natural wonder? Favorite sport? Favorite television show/series? –Freeman Bird

A: 1.) The maze runner series 2.) Team Fortress Two 3.) Hard to tell, probably Lincoln, because rightists seem to hate him a lot 4.) Aqua 5.) The Serengeti Planes. Having been there myself it is truly breath taking 5.) Baseball 6.) Dexter or Breaking Bad (have watched both series twice)

Q: What’s your view on human nature (a.k.a. do you believe in “muh human nature”?) –Student of Hayek

A: Based off of Robert Triver’s and David Rand (et. al)’s work I hold that humans are biologically designed to be a cooperative species, and we are taught the competitiveness we know today in modern capitalism. So my overall view of human nature with relevance to socialism is that it supports the Marxist view of history and hope for the economic future of man-kind – as I believe we could accomplish far greater feats than what we ave already if we would cooperate rather than compete.

Q: Sup, comrade! Here are my questions: 1 – What are your thoughts on the critics of the Albanian communist Enver Hoxha on Mao and Maoism? 2 – How do you reply to ancaps about the “calculation problem under socialism”? (If the answer is too extensive to a Q&A video, take this one as a sugestion for a future video) 3 – How to teach effectively marxist theory to a proletariat mass who doesn’t care and/or don’t like to talk about politics? 4 – What’s your opinion on anarcho-communism/syndicalism? 5 – Could you please make a Marxist analysis and/or critique about national bolshevism (nazbol) and eurasianism? Red salute from South America! Hope you get your computer fixed soon. Keep up the nice work! (Btw, try saving the questions on a notepad, just in case so you don’t lose all the questions on the video if another jackass hack your account and delete your videos.) –Dr Ukyovsky

A: 1 – I am quite uninformed on the Mao vs Hoxha debate as I feel it is irrelevant given Hoxha was criticizing Mao-Zedong Thought and not Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (which came into being soon after Hoxha’s death) and I feel the divide between Hoxhaists and Maoists is one of the few places where infighting via constant debates is just counter-productive. 2 – As mentioned earlier, I have actually done a video on economic calculation under socialism based off the work of Allin Cottrell and Paul Cockshott. Essentially in order to resolve Mises’ original problem we introduce labor time calculation as an efficiency standard, and modern computer science alongside information theory to tackle Hayek’s concerns of scale and information. 3 – The best way to teach Marxism is to do it simply, and with relevance to their concerns. A good example would be to use Marxism to explain how the 2008 crash is inherent to the capitalist system and things like that. 4 – I find anarcho-anything to be utopian and idealist, as I outline in my essay “Against Libertarian Socialism.” 5 – perhaps, although my next few videos will be on economics and philosophy. I’d suggest watching my video on Fascism for reference on this topic.

Q: 1. thoughts on modern day Vietnam 2. any lesser YouTube comrades that I should watch? –Jake S

A: I believe modern day Vietnam to be capitalist and revisionist as I touched on earlier, and some smaller channels I would recommend are Endymion (great content), anti-imperialismComrade Lenin, and Benji Adam Whiskettes. I recommend checking out everyone on my comrades list as well.

Q: Favorite song? –Actually D0NG

A: I don’t have one favorite song, in fact I’m really not too into music, however see my soundcloud likes for the songs I listen to the most.

Q: Should ancoms and Marxists work together and if so how would you see it working –zombozo666

A: Ideally yes, but practically we will always be enemies and cannot achieve anything together. Working together would just be opportunism and would fall apart when it comes to actually achieving anything.

Q: What’s your view on socialist patriotism? –MillennialLeft

A: I obviously support a nation’s right to self determination and so I therefore support left-wing nationalism if it is in the context of lifting up an oppressed country.

Q: 1. Do you think North Korea is socialist after they implemented Juche? And do you support them? 2. Thoughts on anarchist societies that have been established? (Like the Free territory, Catalonia, Shinmin etc. I’ve seen you mention them in a positive light on the commentary you did on Anarchyball, which has since been deleted) 3. Thoughts on sectarianism among among socialists of all stripes? 4. Thoughts on Trotsky? 5. Thoughts on Pol Pot and Democratic Kampuchea? 6. Thoughts on Rojava? 7. Are you going to do a video on Venezuela? 8. What do you think is the main contributing factor to the eastern bloc? Was it the revisionism that came after people like Stalin and Mao died? 9. What do you think about the “communism killed 100 million people” argument? 10. What do you think is the worst ideology ever? Sorry for all the questions you don’t have to answer them all if you don’t want to. Thanks in advance. BTW, I use to be called AC revolution I changed my name, just so you know, I’m not some new guy. Not that any one gives a fuck. –Anarchist Kitty

A: 1. Yes I believe the DPRK is socialist due to their democratic system of proletarian rule and economic management of promoting worker control (see here) however I do not support the Juche ideology. 2. I see the inner workings of “anarchist” socialism as successful (only in Catalonia) however what they had was a centrally controlled state, and their abiding to anarchist principles was a leading cause behind their collapse. As for the others, I don’t really consider them socialist. I’d recommend watching TFB’s videos here and here on anarchist societies. 3. I believe debate is healthy, especially if we’re not doing anything else. But I feel that really close splits (like those between Maoists and Hoxhaists) are counter-productive. 4. He was a terrible man who had incorrect theories, lied constantly, and even collaborated with fascists to oppose Stalin and Soviet Socialism. 6. I support Rojava and their struggle against ISIS, but am critical of the support they receive from America, and fear their lack of centralization could lead to their downfall. 7. I already have on my other channel Red Vanguard Radio, however I recommend reading this article on WriteToRebel for more information. 8. I assume this is meant to say the fall of the eastern bloc, to which I’d simply say the fall of the USSR and all the implications that came with that for specifically East Germany I recommend Murphy’s book “The Triumph of Evil” or my video on the topic. Where essentially it was post-war treatment and lack of aid in rebuilding their society. Same goes for the other eastern bloc countries on why they were so under-developed. I think it was revisionism, however what caused this revisionism was largely failures in economic reproduction after industrialization. For more on this see Cottrell and Cockshott’s “Socialist Planning after the Collapse of the Soviet Union.” 9. The arguments are totally baseless, and are irrelevant to discussion of theory or economics. (For Mao, see here and for Stalin see here) 10. the worst ideology would have to be neo-reactionism as it is idealist and economically illiterate.

Q: what are your thoughts on the ongoing People’s Wars in Turkey, India, Peru and the Philippines? what are your thoughts on the Government in Nepal? what is your Opinion on Rojava and the International Freedom Battalion? what are your Thoughts on the Zapatistas? what are your thoughts on Peruvian Revolutionary Chairman Gonzalo? –TheEmpor45

A: I support all the people’s wars currently being waged to the fullest extent, and do believe they have an actual shot at winning. However without a socialist superpower to aid them that may be difficult. I like the Nepalese Government because its a majority Maoist and they do work towards worker control and democracy. See Holden’s article on Red Vanguard Press. I also support Rojava, as I expanded on earlier, but am critical of who is supporting them. I like the Zapatistas, except I don’t like how they’re not expanding or trying to overthrow the Mexican state. And I have not researched Gonzalo but he seems pretty cool.

Q: Have you read Anwar Shaikh’s Capitalism? If so what do you think of it? if not do you plan to read it? –Fkkize

A: I am currently reading it, and I have watched many talks by professor Shaikh. I love his work and adherence to empirical data, and believe “Capitalism” is one of the most important books on economics of the decade.

Q: Thoughts on Jacques Ellul and his criticism of marxism ? If you had to pick one, Rojava or Assad? Thoughts on the Chavez-like “socialists” in the first world (like Mélenchon not like Sanders the liberal) ? –Le Rapace

A: Christian Anarchy is pretty contradictory, and I have dealt with anarchist arguments before in my essay on libertarian socialism, so even though I haven’t read him, I can foresee many of his criticisms as being invalid. As for Rojava vs Assad, ideally I would pick Rojava, but as for stabilizing Syria I would choose Assad to win the war, then the Kurds can take over. And although I’m not a fan of the 21st Century Socialism of people like Chavez I respect his achievements and that of other socialist Latin American countries. For more on this see teleSUR English.

Q: My question is about BUREAUCRACY. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hoxha wrote about bureaucracy , and in my opinion they had some interesting ideas and/or fixes.So if you were a member of a Central Committee what would be some of your ideas or fixes for bureaucracy or as I like to see it “negative side administration” –Ivan Liukin

A: My fix for it would be to maintain worker participation in the government, and to retain a federalist style of checks and balances, and make sure that there are elements of direct democracy and frequent referendums and people’s ability to recall delegates.

Q: 1. Why do you think leftcoms are the way they are, what’s their motivation? 2. When the revolution comes, how do we deal with the bourgeoisie? 3. What’s a realistic timeframe for a revolution to arise somewhere in Europe? I’d say Greece could erupt pretty soon for obvious reasons. 4. Any opinion on the RAF (Red Army Fraction)? –Roter Schlawiner

A: 1. Because they don’t understand Marx or anyone after him who wasn’t a left-com. 2. I say seize their property and kill them if they refuse. 3. I would say at least a few more decades, wait for some more crises so people know the system cannot be reformed. 4. I think they were pretty lit and I would’ve joined if I lived in West Germany at the time.

Q: What do you think about Automatisation and androids, how could they effect capitalism or a socialist society? –Russia is Good

A: Obviously for socialism automation and AI are good things to improve society for everyone. In fact, AI can play a key role in economic planning under socialism specifically in tackling complexity. However for capitalism, automation is a known job killer and can lead to its downfall. I suggest watching Mexie’s video on the subject.

Q: Thoughts on the national question in the Arab world? What is your opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict? –Green Libya is Free Libya

A: I obviously support the Arab states’ right to self determination, but am highly against islamification as a means to do this and would support socialist revolutions in overthrowing theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also, I support Palestine as it is rightfully their land and the jews don’t “deserve it.”

Q: Will you ever make a video on how you became a leftist, and how you came this far in your political views? Did Trotsky deserve the ice pick? Who would you consider a comrade, Makhno or Trotsky? Ever go on leftypol? Favorite anarchist channel on YouTube? –punk rock trucker

A: Maybe someday, but for now I’m focusing on economics. Yes Trotsky did, as I explained earlier, he was an awful person. I would choose Trotsky of Makhno and his “socialist” banditry. I have been on leftypol, but only like once. My favorite anarchist would have to be anarchopac for his great videos on theory and Marxism.

Q: What do you think “three worlds theory”? –DemocraticSocialist01

A: Misguided, and from Mao’s more reactionary days.

Q: Would you vote for a democratic socialist? NOTE democratic socialist, NOT socialdemocrat –North Atlantic Terror Organization

A: I don’t see why not. If someone’s going to be elected they might as well be the less-shit candidate.

Q: What are your thoughts on?: – Louis Althusser and his theoretical antihumanism – “Post-Marxists” like Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe – Alain Badiou In other words, the theorists who came out of the western Maoist tradition. –Chaya Bat-Tzvi

A: Have never heard of any of them so I cannot give an opinion.

Q: What is your opinion on personal gun ownership? –Danny Nichols

A: I 100% support it, with regulation such as mandatory safety classes, and proper education.

Q: Who is your favorite leftist revolutionary? –Come My Fanaticz

A: Lenin (duh)

Q: As the current political scene in europe is centrered between neoliberals and socialdemocrats, do you think the current crisis will give rise to proper communist parties either old or new? –Fandomethor

A: Anything is possible, however I would not count on it for at least a few more years.

Q: I’m a former libsoc but I am slowly becoming more authoritarian. Anything you can tell me about the more authoritarian side of the left (social, economic, political)? –Bananaman5325

A: Using terms like “authoritarian” and “libertarian” is misleading because it abstracts from what socialism really is. All socialism is libertarian because it provides democracy and liberation to the workers. The only authoritarian aspect of Marxism-Leninism would be its means of suppressing the former ruling class.

Q: What are your thoughts on Juche? –TheVirginianFascist

A: Not a very big fan, and I feel it is holding back the DPRK.

Q: Thoughts on the recent rise of fascism? –meh

A: If you are referring to the alt-right movement, it is already dying down and it will be short lived.

Q: What are you reading? –Red Taco

A: Far too may books, but I am focusing on “Classical Econophysics” at the moment.

Q: Why do you think the DDR collapsed? –Anarchistisch-grün verblendeter Gutmensch

A: As I explain in my video on the subject, it collapsed mostly because of western propaganda, and post-WWII treatment whereby they had to pay way more marks than the West and didn’t receive proper funding to rebuild their society which lead to economic problems, the wall, and its eventual collapse.

Q: And should De Leonism have a comeback and are De Leon’s theory’s compatible with Mao’s and Hoxahs. –The Random Marxist

A: No, and no

Q: What are your thoughts on cybersyn in chile and the Allende government –Hawaii Left Review

A: Very good attempt, but short lived obviously. It was successful for its time in my opinion, and should be looked to for future computing systems for economic planning.

Q: — Thoughts on joining Communist (Marxist-Leninist) parties that are “revisionist” in an effort to reform them? Where should one draw a line for “revisionism” when joining Communist parties? — Thoughts on China? (Thoughts on these (?): Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4 — Thoughts on Vietnam? (Thoughts on this (?):  — Thoughts on the DPRK (And it’s current tensions with the ‘US and it’s allies’/UN/China/etc.), Venezuela, and Cuba (Raúl Castro)? — Current thoughts on Veganism? — Is the term “State Capitalism” meaningless? How do you define it? — What books on Stalin do you recommend? — Have you considered doing live debates in the future? — You made a video on this that got deleted, but, what made you stop being an “An”Cap?Der Dr. StrangeloveV

A: I don’t get too into arguments about semantic definitions of socialism, so I’d let others dish that out. The fact of the matter remains that specifically in China, conditions for workers have been getting worse and worse and the market reforms are not enjoyed by the people. (See here). I support veganism, but am not myself a vegan. State capitalism is not meaningless, it is how I would describe modern China because the state owned industries are driven by market forces and private/foreign capital. I recommend “Another View of Stalin” by Ludo Martens and “Khrushchev Lied” by Grover Furr for good information on Stalin and the Stalin-Era of the USSR. I don’t do live debates. And I stopped being an ancap around december 2016.

Q: Thoughts on 1956 Hungary ? –Lopov

A: If you’re referring to the counter-revolution, I see it as an anti-semetic quasi-fascist movement to try and overthrow socialism. For more on this I recommend reading “The Truth About Hungary“ by Herbert Apthecker.


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