Some Thoughts on Esoteric Entity

This is my comment on this video about me in case it gets deleted

Dear Esoteric Entity, I didn’t link a paper to income elasticity you did. And you know what the conclusion of the paper that is in the description of THIS video is?

“This report examines the transmission of economic advantage in the United States with the rst comprehensive set of IGE estimates based on tax and other administrative data. The analysis makes it clear that children born into different economic circumstances can expect very distinct economic futures. The degree to which family advantage is transmitted suggests that opportunities for economic success are very unequally distributed. Although no one would be surprised that children from higher-income families enjoy some advantages, this report reveals them to be dramatic. Given that these advantages likely arise from true inequalities of opportunity, the results presented here underscore the importance of policy efforts to increase mobility in the United States.”

Your paper proves my point. The point of that paper was to make the case that the US NEEDS MORE mobility, not that it has it. The book I linked in the description of my video came to the same conclusion. And do you know what I find really mind boggling? You didn’t even have to read the paper, you just had to scroll down to see the graph that disproves your point. However because you obviously did not read the paper; I will show the graph for you:


Next, my point about Ricardo was to give background on the diamond water paradox not to try and disprove you. The diamond water paradox as you described does not prove subjective value theory (marginal utility) only that people have different use values for different commodities. Marx explains this in Chapter 1 Part 1 of Capital Volume 1 it’s not that hard to find and here are studies that prove the labor theory of value empirically:

also repeated several times throughout the debate that Marx never said wages are determined arbitrarily. Why not read Marx to see what he actually said

Also hitler was a national socialist not a Marxian socialist

And what’s your problem? I was very respectful towards you the entire debate and never insulted you and I didn’t even do that in my after thoughts video


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Esoteric Entity

  1. As much as this man accuses people of sophistry he’s just a straight up liar. I really hoped that this man was arguing in good faith, but after seeing his video this morning, seeing that he disabled his comments and likes, seeing that he banned you, seeing that the paper he linked proved the opposite of what he was saying, continually straw manning Marx even though everyone who read Marx knows it’s bullshit, and just everything about that video which he made I can conclude this mother fucker is a liar. So much so to the point I decided to archive the youtube page that he uploaded his video on so he can’t change the link to the paper when people start calling him out Not only that I’m pretty damn sure that he linked that paper hoping that his fans wouldn’t read it so that they would just assume what he says is credible. Soon I’m going to be putting up screenshots on /leftypol/ of things that seems extremely suspicious. Earlier I was hoping that people would just ignore this man, but since he’s already getting attention I guess I might as well show people who he is. People like this need to be called out on the Internet so we don’t have as many idiots as him thinking that he’s right and that everyone else is wrong. As much as he calls people sophist I think that Socrates and Plato would be disappointed in a man like him.

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