Farm to Factory: The Soviet Industrial Revolution

This video is based on the writings of Robert C. Allen who wrote Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution. The video’s purpose is to make understanding Soviet economics and the industrialisation simple to the lay person. Allen carried out extensive research into the Soviet economy. I highly recommend his book to anyone wishing to learn more about the real world application of Marxist economics.

Part 1: The Soviet Economy and its Detractors

Any investigation in the history or economy of a county is made subject to prejudices and production of propaganda. Given the history of the Soviet Union and Western-style capitalism, we should expect nothing less from bourgeois scholars. Such works have been terribly dishonest; some having gone so far as to claim that industrialisation never took place. Others claim that Stalin had never intended for people’s wellbeing to be a focus. They claim he was…

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