Dear EsotericEntity…

Quick reply to Esoteric entity:

1.) I Never Said income* mobility didn’t exist, I said that it is very low. That was the conclusion the paper you sent me on the topic came to

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A Tale of Two Ideologies – Response to Esoteric Entity

Our good old AnCap friend Esoteric Entity is back at it again! This time he has made a response video to DemocraticSocialist01’s response to AcedemicAgent’s video on whether or not socialism is a form of fascism or vise versa. Naturally I will try to remain respectful throughout this article, and apologize in advance if I at any point come off as rude or insensitive. Anyways, let’s get into the video! Continue reading

Reply to an AnCap (Hoodie Demon)

Our publisher first tries to invoke the definition of capitalism as an argument for why government activity cannot be associated with it. However this ignores what capitalism is. Take socialism for example, socialism is technically defined as worker ownership of the means of production, however the workers simply owning the means of production does not means that given society is under the socialist mode of production. Capitalism, like socialism, is more than its definition, it is a social formation under which the dominant mode of production is driven by private capital. An example of this can be better emphasized by the 1860s when America was considered industrial capitalist, even though slaves made up more of the workforce than industrial workers. It’s because the social formation which drove the mode of production during the 1860s was industrial capital. Given this proper economic analysis, we can determine that because modern America is driven by private capital, and commodities are manufactured for their exchange-value rather than their use-value, America is under the capitalist mode of production. Continue reading

Short Response To A Conservative – The Minimum Wage

This is going to be a very short response to this “essay” here written by CredibleHulk. I normally don’t respond to people like Hulk, however I read this post and nearly died of laughter and felt compelled to say something on the matter. Let’s begin, he starts off by explaining the modern microeconomic model of how supply and demand works, the reason for this is because most right-wing arguments come on the basis of abstract theory and not the material and objective world, for this reason most of their ideas seem to fail in practice. His next argument goes as follows, Continue reading